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Studying Chemistry at Lancaster

a chemistry student in the lab

Why Chemistry?

Chemistry has dramatically changed our ability to understand, manipulate and control our world; construction, food production, pharmaceuticals, mobile phones, computers, plastics, books and newspapers, televisions, cars, trains, planes, rockets, satellites, fuels, electricity,... are all dependent on chemistry.

Chemists have been instrumental in developing our modern world; expanding food sources through fertilisers; powering our lives with batteries, fuels and electricity; building structures and devices of ever increasing complexity from specialised materials; curing disease with advanced pharmaceuticals; and enabling us to explore and inhabit space using rocket fuel and materials capable of surviving extreme conditions. Chemistry is a fundamental part of our daily lives, and increasingly we shape our world by understanding and controlling chemical processes.

Despite the amazing success of Chemistry, there are many challenges that remain. Amongst many others, we need to develop new energy sources, make better use of our energy supplies by creating energy-efficient lighting, transport and materials, more powerful batteries, biodegradable plastics, industrial processes that are less damaging to the environment, more efficient fertilisers, and pharmaceuticals for the treatment of disease.

Why Lancaster?

By studying chemistry, you will learn how to address such fundamental challenges, and you will be taught creative problem-solving skills that will enable you to find unique ways of solving them. In the future, you may be responsible for changing the world in your own way, by solving one of these problems, or even by solving new problems that no one has recognised yet.

Lancaster University is one of the UK's top universities, with consistently high ranking in the UK league tables. The research and teaching activity across Science and Technology at Lancaster is recognised to be world class; the new Chemistry department is being built to the same ambitious standard.