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Real-world Experience

Science and Technology at Lancaster has a strong reputation for its partnerships with business and industry. We are one of only a few UK universities to have dedicated facilities for Science and Technology-based businesses, which allow companies to co-locate alongside academic departments on-campus and to collaborate with our staff and students.

This ability for businesses to form an integral part of our academic community is complemented by a wider range of business partnerships focused on collaborative research, the commercialisation of our intellectual property, consultancy and the provision of professional training.

These relationships provide our students with a range of different opportunities to gain valuable experience of what it's like to work in a business environment. These opportunities include the delivery of teaching by company staff, placement opportunities both as part of undergraduate programmes and in a student's spare-time and holidays, through to longer-term research projects in partnership with businesses, which may include visits to, or placement in a business, while undertaking a research project.

Strong Business Links

We have strong regional ties, a strong regional heritage of chemical industry and a growing set of relationships with a group of technology-based companies, both within and beyond the UK.

We are using these relationships and our established reputation in providing students with real-world experiences of business while undertaking their degree, to ensure our new Chemistry degrees afford ambitious students the opportunity to gain valuable experience to take into an increasingly competitive jobs market on graduation.