Undergraduate Research at Lancaster

Chemistry is an active research-led department; each of our staff have their own particular areas of expertise, and are supported by a full range of modern instrumentation and equipment. You will have the opportunity to have direct hands-on experience of some of this research as part of your degree.

The research activities within the Chemistry Department are broadly centred on

  • Analytical chemistry and spectroscopy
  • Chemical theory and chemical computation
  • Synthetic Chemistry

although these categories hide the breadth of our research interests. For example, we have staff interested in small molecule synthesis, catalysis, polymers, liquid crystals, porous organic materials, pharmaceuticals, solid-state NMR, electrophoresis, the rationalisation and prediction of properties such as colour, structure, crystallisation, the development of catenanes and rotaxanes, bioimaging agents, OLEDs, custom-designed materials, biological molecules...

Undergraduate Research Projects

As part of your undergraduate degree programme you will have the opportunity to undertake a piece of original work with a research group working in an area you find of interest.

You will get hands-on experience of academic research working alongside postgraduates, post-doctoral fellows and academic staff.